It’s so real

In the middle of the night not a sound could be heard or a light seen in the castle, that the king of REM resides in. Prince Roy is up and about with his flash light reading a novel about damsels in distress and the brave hero that saves them from dragons and common thief’s, but that is just a story. Prince Roy is only 12 years old and dreams of being like the hero’s he reads so much about. Much to prince Roy’s dismay he is far from a hero, as a young boy he has no throbbing muscles that he can beat bad guys with or facial hair to make him look manly; no, no he is a small boy with glasses and reddish hair who loves to imagine and make believe. Unfortunately for Roy his flash light gives off a yellow glow from his window and para troopers drop through his window into his room and knock him unconscious. He comes to in a room, a dark room with a couple of torches to see a shape of a man standing in the door way. The man walks in and has a L on his chest and Roy knows he might not make it out alive. The L group are a band of common men and radicals who believe they do good in the name of the L society. Luckily prince Roy is only questioned about the ways of the hero, he did not give in, and nothing more they want him alive so they can use him later. The next night prince Roy discovers he has a friend and that friend hands him a key and does not say what it unlocks. Roy is puzzled and ponders the possibilities of what the key could open, it doesn’t take him long to figure out that it fits into his shackles, he frees himself and runs home. Suddenly the world is shaking and a voice says wake up Roy, wake up, WAKE UP ROY! He finds his mother standing over him. Come on Roy, his mother says, the farm isn’t going to work its self, and why did you run around the yard last night?     


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